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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lifestreaming for the self-representing artist

I came across an interesting article written by Mark Krynsky called Lifestream - Could it be the next big thing? and it set me to thinking. As a self-representing artist working at building a cohesive online presence, I've been thinking it's awkward to have so many different bits and pieces of information on two blogs, my web site, twitter, squidoo lenses, flickr photo gallery, and images in several online print & gallery services. Putting myself in a client's shoes, I wouldn't want to waste time jumping around from place to place to find the most current art and information. It would be handy to find everything on one page, with the most current content presented up front.

Lifestreaming makes this possible. I set up an account with Jaiku yesterday and am pleasantly surprised by its ease of use. It took me very little time to plug in my web site urls. Jaiku automatically detects the related RSS feed and pulls it up for you. I now have one page where all of my recent blog posts, artwork submitted to my Imagekind gallery, bookmarks, Twitter posts, Squidoo lense updates, and recent images posted to my Flickr account can be viewed.

My Jaiku page is an up to date glimpse of my online presence as an artist & poet. I think Lifestreaming is a key tool and look forward to seeing new developments.


Petteri said...

Nice to hear that you found Jaiku useful, and welcome to the service!

Maybe you can take your Jaiku use even a step further and mix your life with the art you create? At least I would like to read "Jaikus" about how art is being created (on real-time), what happens in a life of an artist, how do new ideas emerge. Then, finally, I could see the final result(s) on your lifestream.

I'm not even a con artist, but my lifestream can be found here.

Savvyology said...


Thank you for the welcome to Jaiku and the input. I'm going to run with your suggestion. I plan to share the creation process of my next digital abstraction and will post on my Jaiku page as I work.