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Friday, March 23, 2007

Soggy Third Day of Spring

It sure doesn't feel much like spring here in soggy British Columbia. Although the trees have started to bud, the temperature is around 47'F and it's expected to stay like this for the next several days. We get that heavy, grey socked in feeling with low lying clouds that cling to the mountains out here where I live. If you can look beyond the dismal grey sky, the low lying clouds can be quite beautiful.

Here's a picture I took from the window of our hotel room on the last respite trip my husband and I took. You can see the mountains that surround us and the way the clouds hug them.

It's been unusually wet and grey this winter, and I can honestly say I've been homesick for California weather. I used to live there in the 80's and have fond memories of the San Francisco Bay area and the weather. Sure, it rains there in the winter too but it's not the same bone chilling damp rainy weather that we have up here.

To help get myself in a spring mindset, I created this abstract image of spring's first crocuses and wrote a haiku to match. Yesterday, to celebrate the first day of spring, I made the finished haiga (haiku and artwork) available for purchase through Savvyology Designs. It's as much a positive affirmation and short prayer for personal renewal as it is a simple haiku.

Savvyology Renewed Affirmation Haiku
Renewed Haiku Affirmation © BYP 2007

1 comment:

Gord said...

Maple Ridge British Columbia saw over 200mm of rain in two days alone in the later part of March this year.

Where is spring?

I would like to talk to that shodowless rodent from Punksatony.

Stay dry.