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Saturday, April 7, 2007

It's Okay to Play With Your Food

Since I'm laid up with one of my three day migraines and I missed out on a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery, I've been poking about online seeking creative inspiration. I ran across this amusing Speed Painting With Ketchup video (the original version was posted by Eclectic Asylum Art but the picture isn't as clear) on YouTube and decided to pass it along. As a parent, I'm guilty of telling my son to stop playing with his food. I may reconsider the next time I find the words beginning to form in my mind. Why not let him play with his food?

Continuing with the theme, I found this NewNuma Chocolate Speed Painting With a Spoon video. It would be nice if the videos had better clarity. They don't do the art justice.

Found this next Coffee Art video to wash it all down with.

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