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Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Love In My Life

It's official, there's a new love in my life. Husband even helped me pick it up and bring it home. Aside from spending most of my Saturday stuck indoors at a strategic planning meeting for a community council I'm involved with, I've been getting to know my new Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 printer better. It's a beast of a machine size wise, but it can handle large format fine art paper.

I'll be able to produce my own fine art prints here at home, hand sign and number limited editions, and provide my own certificates of authenticity. Up until now I've been relying on a third party printer to produce all of my fine art prints. The maximum print size I can produce at home is 13' x 19' or 14' x 17' so I'll still be using imagekind to produce the Giclee canvas prints & larger fine art prints. I'm thrilled to be able to produce the smaller sized fine art prints and ACEO cards on my own. It's far more cost effective and personalized.

I much prefer a hands on approach to producing prints from my digital image files and this is a big step forward in that direction. The next will be a pigment based wide format printer that can handle canvas, but that's a long way off.


lee said...

My wife has been pestering me to get a printer like this. Since this is your new love, I guess that would make me, my wife, and the printer a menage a trois!

Savvyology said...