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Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Do I Blog? - A Game of Meme Tag

I've been meme tagged by Lord Matt from The fantastic site of Lord Matt Stealing a moment or two, after much procrastination, to respond before heading downstairs to debug, defunk, and revive the downstairs computer. It seems the guys have "broken" their computer. I'm known as Techi-Mom around here. I can flip a grilled cheese, do a load of laundry, and set up a wi-fi network. Yes, it's true. I'm the geek in the family.

Back to the meme at hand ... Why do I blog?

When I started blogging, just about a year ago, in my Northern Ruminations blog over on MySpace I did it to network with other haiku haijin. There was and still is a fairly active group of haiku & poetry bloggers that I hooked into. We tossed haiku back and forth on each other's blogs. Some of us still do. It's a lot of fun to play off of another poet's words and have them do the same in return. As much as I enjoy writing for myself, I get a kick out of writing with another poet from time to time. Some cool pieces have come about from the collaborations.

I created this blog, Moments Matter Most, to continue sharing my haiku & other poetry and to share my digital abstractions. This is more of a professional outlet whereas my MySpace blog is a playground of sorts. It's not as customizable as far as widgets and other gizmos are concerned. Finding the MySpace environment pretty restrictive in that regard. I expect in time I'll end up moving this blog to my own domain to break free of the free blog hosting restrictions altogether.

Getting down to the nitty gritty ...

I blog to express myself, through words & through art.

My turn to tag folks ...

I'm still new around MyBlogLog so I'll extend an invitation to the people who read this post. You know who you are. Consider yourself tagged if you haven't already been. Your turn to explain your desire to blog and then tag five other bloggers.

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