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Friday, April 20, 2007

Witku - Haiku Contest With a Twist

It's your turn to have fun and play with words. Tickle my funny bone
with a well written Witku (witty haiku) and receive a chance to win a
Moments Matter Most reminder band. Contest starts now and ends at
midnight PST on May 31, 2007. To enter, please post your original Witku
here as a comment. Don't be shy. It's all about the process and having fun
along the way.

The writer of the Witku that tickles my funny bone the most will receive
an original Savvyology™ Moments Matter Most reminder band. Please be sure
to check back on June 1st, 2007 to read the winning Witku and those worthy of
honorable mention.

How to Write a Witku -

A funny Haiku consisting of 17 syllables arranged in
3 lines of 5 - 7 - 5 syllables

To learn more about Haiku visit HAIKU for PEOPLE

Examples of funny haiku written to replace Microsoft Error
messages can be found here.

Now, grab a pen or keyboard and get creative!

** Your Witku can be about anything at all. I just gave the funny Microsoft Error message page as an example. **


Anonymous said...

Here we are reading
witku's from unknown origin
I'm ready ~ Promotion

Spongebob Me Boy

Mister J said...

Where life is out of focus
Blurry pictures rule!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

My husband hugs me.
Behind his back I count out
haiku syllables.

Evel said...

You call me, Panic'ed
Behold the Blue Screen of Death
Format Clean Install

twtusr said...

spring flowers
moon east
sundown west
- buson(1716-1874)

jaeypeele said...

I came home one night
And it was no longer there
Somebody stole it

keeshond loekie said...

Witku a Haiku
How to Witku a Haiku
Merely a Haiku

Be witty she said
Create a witty Haiku
and witty he wrote

clever and humorous
a haiku was written
into a witku

do we need some more
reasons to write our haiku
any wittier then this?

A night spent haikuing
could be wasting time, but it
is a night well spent...

Madame M. said...

Need to show my wit.
Need seven in this line. Wah.
This ain't no witku.


Pretty buds! And trees!
Pretty flowers! Lovely wind!
Ugh. Pretty stuffed up.

Madame M./Maria C.

seev said...

Blaze orange balloons
descend to woods from blue sky,
now hunters are safe.

Dog tick crawls up leg
looking for best place to bite,
but man bites dog tick.

Bad boys beat back Bush
then bad boys beat bin Laden
and Bush takes credit.

Odilia said...

her new love arrived

husband and kidding aside

new worlds will explode!

Leila said...

rss scrolling
names and faces proclaim:
feed me!

Leila said...

i blog while a frog
scrolls over leaves and widgets
fast tongue, slow counter

paisley said...

i'm incapasitated
in the internet......