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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our First Date

After sitting there shamelessly ignored, my new love finally got the attention it deserved. I attentively plugged in all the cables and cords, popped in its print head and individual ink cartridges that magically glow a lovely shade of red when they're properly seated, installed its software and put it through its print head alignment paces.

I must say that my dear Canon Pro 9000 was a bit more demanding than I'd expected but with the appropriate amount of time set aside I was able to get it ready for our first printing date.

I wish that I could say I was swept off my feet by the end of our first printing session but I cannot lie. I was left feeling a bit lackluster and fuzzy. It is clear to me that my new love and I need to learn how to communicate better. Doing my part, I diligently read through its manual and poked about online for printing tips from other Pro 9000 lovers.

Perhaps I expected too much from our relationship. Although, I keep reading other accounts of Pro 9000 owners being pleased with their results. They’ve all been accounts written by photographers printing their photos. I’ve yet to stumble across a review written by a digital artist. Maybe I'm just too eager and impatient to see my digital abstractions given new life on the Canon Fine Art Paper "Museum Etching" I purchased for the occasion.

Being the eternal optimist that I am I won’t give up on my new love. I’ve already made plans for our next printing session.

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Princess Haiku said...

You have a great blog and I adding you to my links. I have a particular interest in haiku and prose. Will come back tomorrow- earlier to do some real reading. Thanks for all your efforts.