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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wanting Red Galoshes - Word Offering

Wanting red galoshes-
Wading through the tides of life
Splashing through the fear

© B.Y. Penman 2007
- All rights reserved.

** I cheated a bit on this haiku. 6-7-5
But it works and -wanting red rainboots-
just doesn't have the same feel or sound. **

The photo of the boots is from Funky Wellington.

1 comment:

Flutterby said...

Cool boots. I remember wanting a red pair when I was a kid because some girl in my class had them. All the rest of us wore black ones when it rained. She thought she was just so cool with her red boots and while none of us ever told each other we wanted them too, I know I did. And I am sure so did the rest of them, lol.