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Friday, July 13, 2007

Spot The Cinquain Winner

It's time to announce the winner of my recent in cinq blog challenge. Here's the winning response:

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Savvyology, I would guess The Great White North If I am right, I'll explain how I surmised such!

And I concur, Thank you so much for introducing us to in cing!

Congratulations Jeane. As promised I'll send a Savvyology - Moments Matter Most reminder band or an original art card your way. If you're quick and submit your own cinquain and picture to in cinq and provide a link to it here in comments I'll send you one of each.


-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank you Savvyology! I was thrown at first by surprise that you didn’t use your theorem of ssavvy, “Practical understanding; cognitive condition of someone who understands”, etc. - as your in cinq! Yet as an admirer of yours, your stunning art, your awe-inspiring poetry, your fantastic blogs – I knew you were from Canada, you like the Blues, and for some reason pictures of feet; as if representations of places been and places yet to be traveled, are your favorite depiction of Individualism.

Anonymous said...

I discoverd you via Jackal of Mo'time. My name is Alohalani. Very nice to "read" you.

E malama pono a hui hou!

(Hawaiian: Take care until we meet again)