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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Night Word Offering & A Favourite Song

First Night

Proud smiles and high-fives
Watching from behind the boards
Hockey Mom's first night

Used to struggle to fit in
Now he's just part of the team

© B.Y. Penman 2007 - All rights reserved.

The following song is one of my son's favourites. He's a Burton Cummings fan much like his father.

The Guess Who - These Eyes

Life has been keeping me incredibly busy but I've managed to steal a bit of time to write. The above tanka is about my son and our first evening out watching him play floor hockey with the local Special Olympics team. Tonight we passed a major milestone in our lives. Our son participated in his very first team sport and his father and I were able to just sit back and watch our son play and have fun just like any other teenager.

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