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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Progression of Dance - Food for Thought

The following Sony Dancing Robot video is my favorite of the week. Aside from the fact that it appealed to the techi geek side of me, it got the mental wheels turning and set me to thinking on the nature of art, as it pertains to dance.

I ran across this on the Six Degrees of Inspiration Blog today and felt it worth passing along and sharing.  Art, music, and even dance are all influenced by technology.  The following video brings questions to mind. What is dance?  Is it the choreographer's creative interpretation and stringing together of various body movements in time with a piece of music?  Is it the dancer's own interpretation of the music and their interpretation of the choreographer's chain of planned movements?  Is dance a combination of all of these elements? 

Taking it a step further - Can robots interpret music & choreography or  are they just following through with a set of programmed commands that result in a string of movements in sync with a given piece of music?  With the continued advancement of AI (artificial intelligence), this question becomes all the more curious & fascinating to me.

Is this dance?

Sony Robots

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Maurits Burgers said...

Very interesting video you found.
I really like your text with it.
Good piece.