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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Spiritual Haiku & Artwork - Sunlight

Sunlight © BYP 2007 - All rights Reserved

Here is a peek at the newest poem and design added to the shop. Sunlight is a haiga. For an explanation of what haiga is please look below. Many of my pieces are haigas. I enjoy combining my abstract images with haiku. Sometimes the art and haiku compliment each other and sometimes they appear entirely unrelated. That is the beauty of haiga.

In this case, I worked at pairing a complimentary image with this spiritual haiku. One that would punctuate the simple intensity of the poem without overshadowing or distracting.

The haiku itself was inspired by a view of the mountains on a typical dark-grey cloudy day up here in the Pacific Northwest. On a drive through the valley, I saw a long sliver of sunlight wrapped around the side of a mountain and the words began to form themselves into a haiku to capture that beautiful vision and moment in time.

~ B.Y. Penman

What is haiga?

"Haiga, the combination of haiku and art, is nearly as old as haiku itself. Haiga began as haiku added to paintings, but included in Japan the calligraphic painting of haiku via brushstrokes, with the calligraphy adding to the power of the haiku. Earlier haiku poets added haiku to their paintings, but Bashō is noted for creating haiga paintings as simple as the haiku itself. Yosa Buson, a master painter, brought a more artistic approach to haiga. Haiga poet-artists followed either of these approaches.

Today, artists have combined haiku with paintings, photographs and other art media."

Quoted from Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku

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