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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Of taxes, kids, and random diversions.

This creative mind doesn’t enjoy tax season. It’s true, every year I hunker down in front of the computer with an envelope of receipts and the latest Quick Tax software but I don’t enjoy it. The good news: Husband and I are getting a refund this year. The bad news: It’s never as much as you want or need it to be. Honestly, I’m just thankful we don’t owe. With both of us in college, and in our very early forties doing the early mid life career change bit, things are very tight this year.

Toss a thirteen-year-old boy who has a humongous appetite into the mix and things get a tad more challenging. He never stops eating! I’m amazed at how much food he can put away. Have to love puberty and growth spurts. First the grocery bill climbs and next it will be the clothing and shoe expenses. I love him dearly but sure am glad we only had one kiddo. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details of how, what, or why just now but there is quite an amazing story waiting to be told about my son. I have a half written manuscript tucked away gathering dust. One of these days I’ll have to drag it out and start plugging away at it again.

Onto the distractions … While I was working on the taxes and dealing with the latest phase of “things young teenage kids do to drive their parents nuts” my son is going through, I found this cool video called Light Criticism. It’s worth passing along and I encourage you to have a look. Makes you think. In fact, just looking around my desk I found several print ads lurking about. Advertising is everywhere, even on the mug I sip my “wake up juice” from in the morning. I can’t get away from it. However, I am thrilled to say I haven’t seen the “peppy” little blue pill ad on TV for a few days now. I must learn to be grateful for small blessings.

B.Y. Penman

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