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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring Comes Alive With Digital Blossoms

Several members of Worldwide Women Artists Online, in response to an invitation from fellow member KKC Bauder, have joined together to display their digital creations in the Garden of Digital Delights. The virtual garden is alive with a selection of beautifully photographed, manipulated and artfully rendered blooms. Each artist has her own unique style, ranging from realism to abstract expression.

The garden is presented by Art and Gold Gallery in association with WWAO (Worldwide Women Artists Online) and features the artwork of the following artisans: Eva Barkman, , KKC Bauder, Lynda Lehmann, Sylvia Outlaw, B.Y. Penman, Sharon K. Shubert, Deborah Voizin, and Linda Watson.

Visit the Garden of Digital Delights Flower Show Squidoo lens to find out more & vote for your favorite blossom.

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