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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Turn Your Flat Screen Boob Tube Into Art

I ran across something interesting while poking about online last night. Since we don't own, and likely won't for a long while yet, a flat screen TV it's not something I'll be purchasing, but the idea is interesting. I'm all for covering up the boob tube for art's sake.

If we did own a flat screen TV I fear the Lightascope™ wouldn't see much use in our house. I'm surrounded by golf, hockey, and pretty much anything that happens to be on TV right now fans. It's a rare moment around here when the TV isn't on and people aren't congregated around it. Myself, I rarely sit down in front of the TV unless it's to watch a new episode of House or the original CSI with my husband. I've never been much of a TV junkie. Much rather read a book, write, push pixels, or poke about online.

For those of you who own a flat screen TV have a peek at this ...

TV2ART Lightascope™

What is a Lightascope™?

They ...

- Are fine art silkscreen prints on quality vinyl that you affix to the front of a TV using the high tech nanotechnology micro-suction tape.

- Sample light and color from your TV to create dynamic, changing patterns.

You can see the different screens with music & choice of show in the background ... here

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